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Zombie Awareness Month: What's It All About?

Zombie Awareness Month: What's It All About?

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Zombie Awareness

Do you know that May is Zombie Awareness Month?

Knowing things about Zombie's of the utmost importance, apparently. We're now coming into our fourth year of Zombie Awareness Month, and, according to Matt Mogk, of whom founded and led the Zombie Research Society, the individual of whom officially sponsor's the campaign, today, more than ever, people just have to be educated about zombie's.

Mogk told AOL Weird News that "Zombie Awareness Month is designed to make people more aware of the coming zombie plague.

"It's getting bigger each year and this year, the focus is on helping children become aware."

Interestingly, for the horror movie enthusiasts among us, the reason why May was chosen rather than, say, October, which celebrates Halloween, is that big zombie movies such as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead" are set in spring.

Many people show their support by wearing a gray ribbon on the clothing. Lovely. But Mogk is aiming to target the youth in the nation through the publication of his new children's book, "That's Not Your Mommy Anymore" (Ulysses Press), of which he defines as "Dr. Seuss Meets 'Night of the Living Dead.'"

You should give it a read, it's quite amusing, though a little bit dark.

The book explains the Zombie Apocalypse with verses including:

When she's clawing at the kitchen door,

that's not your Mommy anymore.

When her face looks like an apple core,

that's not your Mommy anymore.

According to Mogk, zombies may take over the world any second. Okay, Mogk.

Mogk stated, "It's not like the Doomsday Clock that marks how close we are to a global disaster by setting the time between 11:45 and midnight

"I could say it's '11:55,' but we could wake up and see zombies tomorrow.

"This is more like an earthquake. Scientists say that we're due for a major quake, but it could happen tomorrow or in 100 years. We will never know when it will happen until it does. And then we won't have to time to react, it will just be run and scream time."

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