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Zodiac Inspired Christmas Gifts

Zodiac Inspired Christmas Gifts

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We all have that tricky someone to buy for at Christmas; that person who seemingly has it all and for whom the fun, thoughtful gift just hasn't 'presented' itself.

There is however, one avenue that you may not yet have tried. Have you considered their star sign? Yes, in times of doubt you could do a lot worse than turn to the stars for guidance. This could be exactly what you need to wrap up your 2018 Christmas shopping mission once and for all; with the best presents for everyone, including that awkward person.

There is one prerequisite in order for this to be successful. You must know the star sign of the person in question, which corresponds to their date of birth. Once this vital piece of information has been obtained; then allow us to work our magic and provide you with an appropriate gift idea for your vexatious Virgo relative, or problematic Piscean stepdad.

Worry not, for all is covered here; the perfect idea is but a quick scroll away.


Dates‎: ‎Mar 21-Apr 19

Symbol‎: ‎The Ram

Quality‎: ‎Cardinal

Element‎: ‎Fire

As the first sign in the zodiac, think of Aries as having 'oldest-child syndrome'. They are born leaders and love a challenge. With boundless energy and optimism about what they can achieve, everyone born under this sign relishes the process of turning dreams into a reality. This beautiful planner is the perfect tool for any Aries.
Aries Planner: 2019, available on Amazon for £9.99


Dates‎: ‎Apr 20-May 20

Symbol‎: The ‎Bull

Quality‎: ‎Fixed

Element: ‎Earth

Taurus folk are notoriously stubborn, but equally have the biggest hearts. These fair and gentle souls are also some of the most attractive people in the zodiac. They adore comfort and are extremely tactile, hence why this cosy hoodie will be just the thing for any Taurus on Christmas day.

Taurus Hoodie, available on Amazon for between £30.99 - £33.99


Dates‎: ‎May 21-Jun 20

Symbol‎: The ‎Twins

Quality‎: ‎Mutable

Element‎: ‎Air

The life and soul of the party; sociable, charismatic and as charming as they come. Quick intelligent minds, coupled with a razor sharp tongue can make these a force to be reckoned with, but thankfully they are also known for being super kind. As certified social butterflies; Geminis will love this funky wine glass.

Gemini Wine Glass, available on Amazon for £11.99


Dates‎: ‎Jun 21-Jul 22

Symbol‎: The ‎Crab

Quality‎: ‎Cardinal

Element‎: ‎Water

Emotionally intuitive; with an extremely dry and witty sense of humour for all of their watery traits. People under this sign have fertile imaginations, wide open faces that give and receive joy and a tender beauty about them; which is simultaneously fragile and robust. Cancerians love a good natter over a pot of tea, so will cherish these personalised coasters.

Cancer Horoscope Coaster, available on Amazon from £5.49


Dates‎: ‎Jul 23-Aug 22

Symbol‎: The ‎Lion

Quality‎: ‎Fixed

Element‎: ‎Fire

If the lion is the king of the jungle, then Leo could be regarded as king of the zodiac. And as proud beings, this idea is sure to sit well with them. They do have hearts to match the size of their egos however, and are extremely hard workers; always striving to be the best, for themselves and for their loved ones. This unisex Leo wash bag is made from genuine leather, which matches the genuine personality of a Leo.

"Leo" Unisex Leather Wash Bag, available on Amazon for £11.95


Dates‎: ‎Aug 23-Sep 22

Symbol‎: ‎The Virgin

Quality‎: ‎Mutable

Element‎: ‎Earth

Smart, sophisticated, stylish and sticklers for detail; Virgos are the possibly the hardest grafters of the zodiac. Not that you would guess it, with their impeccable attire and penchant for having all manner of interesting hobbies. These are the people you want on-side in life, so sweeten them up with this piece of expensive looking bling.

Gold Virgo Pendant And Chain, available on Amazon for £5.99


Libra Dates‎: ‎Sep 23-Oct 22

Symbol‎: ‎The Scales

Quality‎: ‎Cardinal

Element‎: Air

Libras are masters of diplomacy and are highly adept at mediating between people. They are on a constant quest to answer the age old question of 'who am I' and to understand their true purpose in life. They will find this little bag containing their birth stones quite fascinating; it may even help them in their journey of self discovery.

Birth Stone Crystal Set For Libra, available on Amazon for £12.96


Dates‎: ‎Oct 23-Nov 21

Symbol‎: ‎The Scorpion

Quality‎: ‎Fixed

Element‎: ‎Water

Indisputably the sexiest sign of the zodiac, with a strangely magnetic attraction. Scorps are deeply spiritual beings, in touch with their intuition and connected to a higher power; unfortunately, they spend most of this energy on critical self analysis and plotting revenge. Bring out their playful side, with this fun, fair trade fairy.

Scorpio Fairy, available on Amazon for £6.99


Dates‎: ‎Nov 22-Dec 21

Symbol‎: ‎The Archer

Quality‎: ‎Mutable

Element‎: Fire

The phrase 'thank your lucky stars' could well be the motto for a Sagittarius. These people have an uncanny propensity for favourable outcomes. The only trouble being, that they tend to create a lot of the sticky situations that require a lucky escape to begin with. With all of their escapades and shooting for the stars; Sagis can always use a little TLC and this book is just the thing.

Self-Care For Sagittarius Book, available on Amazon for £8.99


Dates‎: ‎Dec 22-Jan 19

Symbol‎: ‎Goat

Quality‎: ‎Cardinal

Element‎: ‎Earth

Capricorn is the sign most likely to achieve their wildest dreams; not through chance, or by relying on the Gods of fortune. But because when they set their sights on a goal, they unearth an unshakable determination and willingness to put in the necessary effort to get to where they want to be. Capricorns really are the salt of the earth and deserve a beautiful necklace to make them feel special.

Capricorn Necklace, available on Amazon for £3.79


Dates‎: ‎Jan 20-Feb 18

Symbol‎: ‎The Water Bearer

Quality‎: ‎Fixed

Element‎: ‎Air

Aquarian folk see life as an abundance of possibilities, the only tricky bit being to decide which path to take. These people are invariably concerned with humanitarian issues and have a deep, all encompassing empathy for people. However, they can also be so laid back that they're horizontal; so coffee is a good way to get them going.

Coffee Mug With Gold Aquarius Constellation Print, available on Amazon for £12.99


Dates‎: ‎Feb 19-Mar 20

Symbol‎: ‎Pair of Fish

Element‎: ‎Water

Quality: Mutable

Pisceans are ethereal people and with it exquisitely beautiful. They live partially submerged in a watery world of dreams and imagination; the beauty and serenity of which they bring to everyday life. Give these slippery daydreamers something solid to write their thoughts in; so as to begin turning their dreams into something tangible.

Pisces: Zodiac Journal, available on Amazon for £5.30

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