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Youth Aren't Given An Outlet, Says Naomi Harris

Youth Aren't Given An Outlet, Says Naomi Harris

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Naomie Harris
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Naomie Harris, the film star, that has worked with a charity which attempts to prevent young people from going to prison, has stated that they are not being provided with an outlet for self-expression.

Talking to Newsbeat at the premiere of the film, Rampage, about the escalation in violent crime that is observed on the streets of London, her home city.

She said how it was "incredibly saddening [...] [w]e want a city that's peaceful, we want people to get along, we don't want violence in our city at all."

Many individuals have been killed so far in London this year, with claims that the capital's murder rates above NY's.

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, said to Newsbeat that a dip in the numbers of the police should not be blamed for the escalation in violence, while Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has sworn to introduce focused stop and search tactics as a way of preventing violence.

Naomie said that "What's sad about it is [that] youth aren't given an outlet, they're not given an opportunity to have a voice and to express themselves," 

The actress that starred in the James Bond movies will be a patron of the Intermission Youth Charity - that will work with 12-25 year old's that are offenders, who may potentially offend, or who lack in opportunities.

Using Shakespeare's plays, it updates them with modern language.

Naomie has said that through giving youth, that wouldn't usually involve themselves in drama, the opportunity to get up on the stage, they are given an outlet that they would not have otherwise.

"That's why I think drama is so important because that's what it does.

"It allows children in particular to express the feelings that they can't express in everyday life."

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