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Your Voice Is Your Power: The Health Benefits Of Singing

Your Voice Is Your Power: The Health Benefits Of Singing

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Only you hold the key to your voice. It is a powerful force that lies dormant within you, until you choose to activate it. Yet, how many of us truly appreciate this simple action for its complex and miraculous ability.

It requires a conscious effort to produce sound. Firstly, we must exhale air from our lungs with appropriate force, which then passes through our larynx (or voice box) containing small bands of tissue that vibrate upon contraction. We then use tongue movements and shape our lips in a certain way so as to articulate specific tones and pitches.

We have subsequently attributed meanings to various elements of the sound spectrum we can produce as humans. These are the words we use to express complex thought processes and feelings. It's nothing short of a miracle and those of us fortunate enough to be able to use our voices possess a great power.

Our voices do require training though, as with anything physical; it relies on exercising certain muscle groups and perfecting their performance through practice. Singing aloud is a highly effective way of doing this and projecting your voice in song can have a profoundly positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

Below are three reasons why you should "sing for the moment".

Alleviate anxiety

We all feel anxious from time to time, it's a part of the human experience and we accept that. However, for some people, anxiety has a fierce hold on their lives and it rarely lets up.

Singing can provide a wonderful release from this crippling condition. By opening up your chest and forcing the air from your body, you are freeing yourself from the physical grip of anxiety.

Your mind is simultaneously focused on producing a sound that is in time and in tune with the music. It's impossible for it to be fuelling negative thought processes at the same time, so in that moment you are also liberated from the emotional shackles of anxiety.

Reduce stress

Life is made up of vibrations and as living beings we are sensitive to the impact they have on us. The vibrational frequency of music has been scientifically proven to change our emotional state in some cases and is a powerful tool for effective relaxation.

This is part of the reason why singing helps to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, within the body. Projecting your voice in song requires you to let go of your inhibitions and release your inner fear. You cannot sing properly whilst riddled with negative thoughts; you must immerse yourself in the music which is happening in the present moment.

Boost confidence

Singing opens us up both physically and emotionally. It's a powerful form of self expression and completely unique to you. No one else has access to your voice, only you have the key. Make use of the fabulous musical instrument you were born with.

Many of us feel shy and embarrassed by our voices and believe that we're "no good" at singing. This is nonsense. We all contribute something different with our voices, and unfortunately live in a time where society has to label everything and only attributes worth where money can be made.

You will be happier and more confident if you sing regularly, this is backed by scientific research. So, sing on your drive to work each morning and fill your car with all the endorphins you omit by belting out Beyonce hits. Or, better still, join a choir and sing your heart out within a more professional setting, where you are able to connect with others.

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