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Your Top Rated Comfort Foods

Your Top Rated Comfort Foods

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Winter is fast approaching bringing with it exceptionally cold and snowy weather early on in the season, if recent reports are to be believed. The possibility of being snowed-in must therefore be considered and the all-important question of whether or not your food supplies are enough to sustain you for a full 48 hours.

In this imagined, yet highly plausible, scenario well-stocked stores of the most comforting foods is necessary, nay mandatory, to satisfy the kind of hunger that comes after enduring snowball fights all day (or having back-to-back binge watched an entire box-set).

But what is the best comfort food? Of course, the answer is subjective to your own personal preference, however we were curious and so decided to put the question to our readers. This is what you told us.

*Warning: This article contains images that may cause involuntary salivation and stomach rumblings

1. Pie and mash

2. Ham egg and chips

3. Mum's/Nan's roast

4. Sausage, mash and gravy

5. Beef stew

6. Sausage casserole

7. Beans on toast

8. Mac and cheese

9. Tinned ravioli

10. Pasta Bake

11. Crumpets drowned in butter

12. Soup

13. Any Chocolate

14. Ice Cream

15. Apple Crumble

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