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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

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World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an annual event on September 10. It's a global effort to raise awareness on the topic of suicide; promoting methods of prevention and providing support for those affected.

2018 will mark 15 years since the day began, the theme being Working Together To Prevent Suicide. People are encouraged to organise events to generate awareness around suicide, the possible warning signs and how it might be prevented.

According to global statistics, over 800,000 people die annually as a result of suicide, which represents one person every 40 seconds.

In the UK (and in many European countries) suicide is the leading cause of young deaths.

One charity dedicated to addressing these shocking statistics is, PAPYRUS. It specialises in the prevention of suicide among young people by implementing strategies aimed specifically at schools and colleges across the UK and organising events, such as HOPEWALK.

This year, in accordance with the WSPD, PAPYRUS has launched a year-long campaign, Save the Class of 2018 to raise awareness of suicide among schoolchildren and to build suicide-safer schools.

Courtesy of the PAPYRUS webiste

Help and advice

Everyday thousands of lives across the world are cut short through suicide, which can have a devastating impact on entire families and communities.

There is help available for anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts, or knows someone that is.

One such example is, HOPELineUK, for people under the age of 35, or for anyone who may be concerned about a young person. All advisers are mental health professionals who are trained in suicide prevention intervention skills. The PAPYRUS website also provides a lot of useful information for young people affected by suicide.

Counselling can also provide real help to those suffering with suicidal thoughts, or who have lost someone close to them to suicide.

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