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World No Tobacco Day: How To Kick The Habit

World No Tobacco Day: How To Kick The Habit

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Every year, on 31st May, WHO and partners mark World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), highlighting the health and various other risks that are associated with the use of tobacco, advocating for effective policies that will minimise the consumption of tobacco.

This year, the focus of World No Tobacco Day 2018 is "Tobacco and heart disease." The campaign aims to heighten awareness on the:

  • connection between tobacco and heart and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as stroke, which, when conjoined, are the world’s leading causes of death;
  • fathomable measures and actions that certain audiences, such as the public and governments, can take to minimise risks to heart health caused by tobacco.

In support of this campaign, we are informing the smoking addicts and friends/family of smoking addicts among our readers of 4 simple tips that may just help you/them, kick the habit.

1. Look to the future

Don't forget, you aren't really giving up much, as cigarettes do nothing for you whatsoever. They give you no real joy or crutch, merely, they keep you hooked and a slave to nicotine. Gain clarity. You're not losing anything. You are actually making remarkably positive strides not only in bodily well-being, but in money, self-respect, confidence, freedom, and perhaps most significantly of all, in the duration and quality of your life in the future.

2. Set a date and time to stop for good; you will quit smoking naturally so continue with smoking until then

Set a time and date to stop and continue to smoke as you usually would right up to this point. You shouldn't try to minimise your intake beforehand, it just makes cigarettes seem more special.

3. Have a last cigarette; you will quit smoking quite simply, so make a sincere vow

You're getting rid of something that's damaging your life, it's not something too great to give up. Light up your last cigarette and set a serious vow that in spite of the highs and lows that greet you in the future, you'll never puff away on an additional cigarette or take nicotine ever again. This is perhaps one of the most significant choices you can ever make as the quality and length of your life is dependent upon it.

4. It's okay, think about it; don’t attempt to “avoid thinking” about smoking – it doesn’t work

Don't attempt to “not to think about” smoking. It will not work. If someone says: “Don’t think about an elephant, what do you think about? Just be certain that whenever you are thinking about it, you aren't thinking: “I want a cigarette but I'm not allowed it” but rather: “Isn’t it wonderful: I don’t have to smoke ever again and I don’t want to smoke ever again. Woop woop, I’m not addicted!” This way you can contemplate it and you’ll still be happy.

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