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World Environment Day: 4 Simple Ways To Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day: 4 Simple Ways To Beat Plastic Pollution

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World Environment Day is the UN's most important day for improving action and awareness, beyond tree-huggers, across the globe, for environmental conservation. Since it started in 1974, the campaign has expanded to become a worldwide platform for outreach to the public that is broadly acknowledged in well over 100 countries!

More than anything, World Environment Day is the "people's day" for taking action to care for the world that they live in. So, on that note, with the theme this year directing the public's attention to beating plastic pollution in particularly, we're going to join the movement and tell you four ways in which you can help the UN achieve just that.

Say goodbye to gum!

Originally, gum was made out of natural rubber, though when scientists made this synthetic rubber, polyvinyl acetate and polyethylene started to take the place of the natural rubber in the majority of chewing-gum. Did you know, that not only are you chewing away at plastic, but you may be chewing away at toxic plastic? Polyvinyl acetate is manufactured from vinyl acetate, a chemical that has been shown to cause lab rats to get tumours! Not only will skipping this chewy item benefit the environment, but it may benefit your future health prospects, too.

Use matches

If you need to start a fire, build a campfire or light a candle, go for matches rather than expendable plastic lighters. We bet you didn't know that these cheap plastic items hang about in landfills for years on end  - or that they've even been discovered in the stomachs of dead birds? If you're super attached to your lighter, compromise by swapping it for a metal one that you can refill to help you minimise waste in landfill.

Flee from frozen foods 

Frozen foods simultaneously provide convenience and a whole load of plastic packaging...It might be hard to part with frozen food, but there are a lot of benefits, asides from the blatant benefits for the environmental. It means you'll be consuming less processed foods and staying away from the toxic chemicals that can be discovered in their plastic packaging!

Don't buy juice

Rather than purchasing juice in plastic bottles, eat fresh fruit or make your very own fresh-squeezed juice. This doesn't only reduce plastic waste, but it's healthier as you'll be consuming way more antioxidants and vitamins! So please, ditch it quick. 🌍

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