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Winter Warmers: 5 seasonal date ideas perfect for chilly days and frosty nights with your special someone

Winter Warmers: 5 seasonal date ideas perfect for chilly days and frosty nights with your special someone

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It may be cold and dark, but that doesn’t mean that things have to cool off in your relationship. Winter is a great season for dating. From cosy candlelit evenings to all the dazzle and fun of Christmas, there are plenty of wintery things you and your partner can do this season to keep the spark alive. Here are some ideas.

Go stargazing

It may be cold out, but that just means you have an excuse to snuggle up under a blanket. Winter has some of the most spectacular meteor showers of all.  he Geminids on the 13thand 14thDecember, followed by the beautiful blue Quadrantids in January. Is there anything more romantic than spotting and wishing on shooting stars with someone special? Cross your fingers for a clear night and keep your eyes to the skies.  

Visit a Christmas market

Mulled wine, delicious food, and plenty of dazzling things to catch the eye. A Christmas market is an all-purpose date - you can enjoy a fun time out with your partner and get your Christmas shopping done while you’re at it. Win-win!

Have cosy drinks by a fire

Summer has a lot of things going for it but cosiness is not one of them. The cosiness of winter evenings makes winter the most romantic season of all. Settling down by a blazing pub fire for a drink and a chat may be simple, but it’s also pleasant and intimate. A nice, no-pressure date which needn’t cost the earth.

Check out local Christmas light displays

The great thing about the Christmas season is that there’s always something going on. From Christmas markets to community carol sessions, there’s plenty that you and your partner can join in with. Christmas light displays are easy to find and get more impressive every year. You could attend a lights switch-on (which usually come with some razzmatazz) or simply wander round the best decorated areas in your neighbourhood. Some people even go to great lengths decorating the outsides of their houses for charity. Scout around for whatever’s going on in your local area.

If it snows, make the most of it! 

This is Britain, so we can’t guarantee any kind of weather. All we can say with any certainty is that it will be darker and (probably) colder than the rest of the year. Oh, and that it will rain a lot (again, this is Britain). We might be lucky enough to get snow, though and, while the entire country is paralysed but the white stuff, we suggest that you and your partner make the most of it. Have a snowball fight, go sledging, make snow-angels, build a snowman…you don’t have to be a child to enjoy a snow day!

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