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Why You Should Never Go On Another Diet

Why You Should Never Go On Another Diet

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Many of the population, especially women, have gone on a diet at some point during their lifetime. According to The Independent, many past studies have concluded that two thirds of British people are on a diet "most of the time".

The main concern is that many of the popular diets that we get drawn into are seen as effective mostly due to the way in which they cut calories.

But why is it that we see dropping a few pounds, losing a few inches here and there, as epitomising optimal health? It certainly doesn't.

But people are slowly coming to their senses. 

Rhiannon Lambert, Harley Street nutritionist, explained to the The Independent, “Diets have been around for a long time now, yet not one single ‘diet’ is scientifically proven with research suggesting they have a long-term positive effect on our health, well-being or relationship with food,”.

“Surely this tells us that they simply do not work.”

“Dieting often includes restriction, be it a low carbohydrate intake, low fat intake or meal replacements,” Lambert explained. 

“It’s widely understood that by restricting certain food groups in our diet, in particular carbohydrates, it can often can lead to enhanced sugar cravings which may result in a vicious cycle of binging and restricting. Needless to say, this way of eating also encourages an unhealthy relationship with food which may lead to disordered eating conditions.

“Also, by becoming engrossed in counting calories and restricting our food intake, which is often a requirement of most diets, it means becoming more and more confusion in regards to what it means to be healthy.”

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