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Why do a Digital Detox?

Why do a Digital Detox?

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If it should be simple but you know it’ll be difficult, it’s probably worth doing. Take a deep breath, put down the phone, and find out why a digital detox is a good idea.

Break digital addictions

Information, validation, entertainment. We get them all from our digital devices – and they’re all addictive. Have you ever felt your hand unconsciously stray towards your phone? You could be developing a digital addiction. Putting the devices to one side for a bit can break that cycle and stop addiction in its tracks.

Connect more deeply with the rest of your life

Digital distraction is a thing, and it’s a problem. When we’re viewing the world through a screen (or the world is vying with screens for our attention), we’re missing out on a lot. Put the phone down and devote your full attention to whatever you’re doing. This kind of mindful living has a ton of benefits, including decreased stress and increased quality of life. Give it a go!

Make time for things you enjoy

The average British person spends the equivalent of one entire day each week online. That’s one helluva lot of time. Think of all the other things you could be doing with that time. You could be hanging out with friends, spending quality time with your family, perfecting a new skill, enjoying a hobby, writing that novel you’ve been planning, or just having a lie in!

Learn how to love yourself without social media validation

Social media is a bit of a double-edged sword. It keeps us connected with our friends and family, and it can be great at validating us. But it also sucks us in and makes us reliant upon it for our self-worth. That’s not always healthy. Stepping away from social media will help you to understand your true worth, and enable you to appreciate the kind of validation which can’t be found through a click.


The digital world is full of stressful demands. Constant notifications, constant streams of information, the constant need to be ‘on’. Switch your phone off and experience the blessed peace of being unavailable. Bliss.

Improve your sleep

The digital world fills our heads with brain-churning information, while its screens flood our eyes with blue light. Both of these are the enemies of sleep. Blue light primes your brain to stay awake, while the torrent of information available online keeps us awake and processing for far longer than we otherwise would. Switch off the devices and we can almost guarantee that your sleep will improve in a matter of days.

Be more productive

We’re sure that procrastination was a problem before the internet...but it’s never been quite so easy! Digital distraction is just a click away these days, and we’ve all fallen victim to it. With a digital detox you can improve your focus and banish procrastination.

Re-balance yourself

Feeling stressed, lonely, confused, out-of-kilter? Digital detox may be (at least part of) the answer. Getting your head back into the real world and reconnecting with actual, physical people and things can help to re-balance your brain, emotions, and perceptions of the world. Give it a go – you’ll be surprised at just how great the effects of digital detox can be!

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