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Why are more people choosing to spend New Year’s at home?

Why are more people choosing to spend New Year’s at home?

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Traditionally, New Years Eve is a night when folk party like mad, drink gallons of fizz, and wake up late on the 1stJan with the worst hangover they’ll have all year. But recently, more of us are deciding that going home is better than going big. Last year, more than half of Brits surveyed by the Sun newspaper said that they’d be staying in on New Year’s Eve, with a third of those saying that they’d be in bed before midnight. 

So, what’s behind the growing trend which is seeing people spending a sedate New Year’s on the sofa rather than dancing into the small hours?

It’s trendy

Recent years have seen a shift in the kinds of things we consider ‘cool’. The wild hedonism of the 90s and 00s is giving ground to a more responsible, more health-focused zeitgeist. Which means we can now acknowledge that we actually quite enjoy spending nights in with a cuppa and a good book, without being accused of being boring. The NYE at home thing is all wrapped up in this more introvert-tolerant culture.

It’s cheap

Without getting into politics and economics, it’s a fact that people generally have a lot less disposable income than they used to. And a New Year on the town is not exactly budget friendly. Staying in with a bottle of plonk and a pizza is much better for the bank balance. 

It’s romantic

Seeing in the new year curled up with a significant other is cosy and romantic. Rather than spending the night at a party or in a club where you’ll barely see one another, having a romantic night in means you’ll start the new year as you want to continue it - together.

It’s confident

FOMO is a big problem for a lot of people. That’s why many end up having a miserable New Year at parties they don’t really want to go to, or being barged into and sloshed with beer at crowded clubs they don’t like. Admitting that you don’t enjoy the crush, noise, and expense of NYE often feels (inaccurately!) like admitting that you’re a fundamentally boring person - not to mention the dreaded FOMO. It’s hard to do if you’re not particularly confident and are worried about what your friends will think. However, owning your own likes and dislikes, and rejecting FOMO in favour of a nice NYE at home is an act of confidence - and confidence is always cool.

It’s non-conformist

Going out and getting wasted on New Years is for normies. Those who don’t follow the herd stay at home.

It’s all about you

No negotiating over which bars to visit. No rationing out your round money. No sitting through your friends’ drunken, rambling anecdotes. No drama. No queues for the loos. No gropey old men hovering around as it gets close to chime time. No shivering outside the chippie at 2am. NYE at home means that you can do what you want, when you want, in the comfort of your own house. Lovely!

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