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"What is a Flat White?": Coffee Explained

"What is a Flat White?": Coffee Explained

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We have all seen the ingenious McDonalds advert below, and we are all grateful for the end of the advert, when we get the answer to "What is a Flat White?". The advert is a mirror reflection of real life and makes even those of us who enjoy a flat white question if we even know what goes into it!

Even as a coffee fanatic you can often find yourself sticking to what you know, which is completely understandable because, who wants to have coffee disappointment first thing in the morning, right?

If it is the coffee lingo that puts you off trying something new every now and again, carry on reading and who knows, maybe you'll opt for something a little different tomorrow morning!

1. The Espresso

The Espresso is the foundation for all of the other espresso based drinks below and it can also be enjoyed on its own. You can choose from a single or double shot of pure coffee depending on how much of a pick-me-up you need.

2. The Americano

The Americano is a long black coffee made only from hot water and espresso. An Americano is made by filling two thirds of a cup with boiling water and then adding a shot of espresso on top. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy your American white too, don't be afraid to ask for some hot or cold milk with your coffee.

3. The Latte

For those who prefer something a little sweeter. The Latte is made from a shot of espresso followed by a generous amount of creamy steamed milk and topped with a small amount of foam. A Latte is perfect if your not a massive fan of strong coffee and to make it a little sweeter, why not try adding a shot of vanilla?

4. The Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is similar to a latte ingredient wise, but by adding different quantities you have a very different drink. A cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso followed by steamed milk and topped with a large amount of foam and chocolate sprinkles. The end result is a much stronger coffee taste then that of a latte and a lovely light and foamy texture.

5. The Flat white

A flat white is made in the same way as a cappuccino, without the foam on top. It is also a shorter drink and normally comes in very cute little cups. No foam means it is stronger still, then the cappuccino.

6. The Mocha

The Mocha is a mix between hot chocolate and a coffee. It is made by mixing chocolate powder to the espresso and then adding steamed milk and lots of foam on top. Some cafés will also offer the option os whipped cream and marshmallows to top! Yum!

7. The Macchiato

A macchiato is quite a short drink like and espresso. It is made with a shot of espresso followed by a dash of steamed milk then a small dollop of foam. The small amount of steamed milk slightly mellows the bitterness of the espresso while still leaving you with a lovely strong drink.

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