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What Do People Love Most About Christmas?

What Do People Love Most About Christmas?

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For lots of people, Christmas is a time for celebrating with loved ones and creating special memories for years to come.

We all have our favourite bits about the day; so out of curiosity, we decided to ask a few of our readers what they loved most about Christmas.

Here is what people responded with.

Fresh air: "Living away from family I don't have much of a traditional family day, we have a mini Christmas when I visit England in October, so on actual Christmas Day the main thing I look forward to is a walk in the mountains."

The feast: "It has to be the food that I look forward to the most about Christmas. It's just a day of feasting with great company; couldn't ask for anything more really."

Pyjamas: "I just love spending the whole morning in festive PJs, it makes me feel super festive and cosy. And no matter how late in the day you are still in your pyjamas on Christmas Day, it is never frowned upon."

Board games: "Our family has a bit of a tradition, we take it in turns to buy a silly board game each year, the whole family has to play and it is always one of the best parts of Christmas Day."

Secret Santa: "We all take secret Santa very seriously, above all no one must ever know who got who. Of course, this never works out because we are all to busy giggling at the absolutely ridiculous gifts we have all got each other. It is so much fun and something that I always remember."

My stocking: "My favourite part of Christmas in opening my stocking, not because of the gifts inside, but because I stay with my mum on Christmas eve and at the age of 25, I still wake up and open my stocking on mum's bed with her. It is the perfect way to start Christmas Day and I am a strong believer that you are never too old to carry on Christmas traditions you made as a kid."

Brussels sprouts: "We only ever have them on Christmas Day in our house, so it something I really look forward to."

Christmas crackers: "I know that they are only a tiny part of Christmas, but pulling Christmas crackers at the table is the best part of the day for me"

Drunken family members: "Everyone relaxes a little on Christmas Day, which normally leads to some family members having a few more glasses of bubbles then they might ordinarily. It makes for a great day with plenty of 'cheersing' and making memories to laugh about next year"

The tree: "Decorating the tree is something that I look forward to every year. Although we do it before Christmas, I think just having the tree in the room makes Christmas Day that little bit more special."

Giving gifts: "I love buying gifts all year round in advance for Christmas Day. My favourite part of the day itself is watching my favourite people open their gifts and how happy they make them."

Films: "My favourite part of Christmas Day is 100% watching 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' every year without fail! It is arguably one of the best films ever made."

Christmas day walk: "Every Christmas, as we all have dogs, we all head out for a long walk after breakfast on Christmas morning. It works up our appetites for the huge amounts of food we eat for the rest of the day and it is guaranteed that at some point something hilarious will happen."

Getting crafty: "I love being creative, but don't always find time. Around Christmas, I always make an effort to make my own Christmas Cards and decorations and I love seeing them all hanging and being appreciated on Christmas Day."

The people I spend it with: "Christmas Day is literally the only day of the year we manage to get our busy family in the same room all at once, so just having everyone together is what makes my Christmas Day spacial. That, and eating so much food I can't breath."

Comment with your favourite thing about Christmas. We'd love to hear from you!

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