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What Are Your Spots Telling You About Your Health?

What Are Your Spots Telling You About Your Health?

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Chances are, your thoughts about spots and pimples mainly revolve around trying to get rid of them. We rarely think very deeply about the nature of their existence. But some practitioners of traditional (especially Asian) medicine believe that the location of your spots can reveal some quite precise information about your health.

In general, spots occur due to things like clogged pores, excess sebum, poor diet, skin type, and other stuff like that. Some people are more prone to spots than others through no fault of their own - that’s just the luck of the draw. A healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting older will fight off the majority of pimples, but some outbreaks will still flare up in most people from time to time.

Before launching into our spot-health guide, we should note that there has not been a whole lot of research done into any of this. The information below is based upon alternative medicinal theory and scientific conjecture.

That being said, here’s what the alternative experts believe your spots can tell you about your health.

Forehead - stress and digestive issues

You know how cartoons represent stress by having beads of sweat appear on foreheads? Well, spot breakouts on your forehead are also supposed to indicate stress. In fairness, the two could be related. Sweat can block pores, which can cause breakouts. Stress also causes people to furrow their brows, which (again) can have an impact on the condition of the skin up there. So, there may be something to this!

If the spots are closer to the centre of your forehead (or on the bridge of your nose), they could indicate digestive problems in your intestines, perhaps related to an imbalance of some sort.

Cheeks - respiratory issues

People who live in polluted cities, smokers, and those with lung diseases may be more prone to spots on their cheeks. This could be because your cheeks move a lot when you’re huffing and puffing. Consider wearing a pollution mask, or quitting smoking, or getting your lungs checked out by a doctor if you’re experiencing frequent breakouts on your cheeks.

Nose - liver and kidneys

I’ll level with you - I can’t think of a physical reason why spots on your nose should be related to your liver and kidneys. But that’s what the experts say, and who am I to argue? If you’re struggling with a spotty nose, replace booze with water and see what happens.

Chin and jaw - hormones

Breakouts here are common when hormones fluctuate right before your period. You’ll also notice that teenage boys are prone to chin spots as their hormones kick in. This is probably related to the follicles in our chins. These are (more or less) dormant in most younger women, but they’re still there and they’re still affected by hormones. This could be why your chin and jaw skin starts acting up around menstruation and menopause.

Rest of body - allergies or other reactions

Spots on your back, arms, legs, or anywhere else are most likely down to reactivity with your clothes, washing powder, or other environmental influences. Although we should note that testosterone injections can also cause breakouts pretty much anywhere on the body until the system gets used to it.

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