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The Perfect Prezzie: Wedding Gift Ideas

The Perfect Prezzie: Wedding Gift Ideas

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Being invited to a wedding usually means a long to-do list of things to organise. For example, buying an outfit, accessories, making arrangements for the date and... Buying a gift. If you're a little stuck for ideas and want something other than money to bring to the event, then read on for some great inspo.

Theatre Tickets

Two tickets for an upcoming show, or evening of comedy is a fantastic gift for two people who are probably drained from all the organising and in dire need of a good night out.

Bottle of bubbly

Good for those on a budget, or for weddings where you are not well acquainted with the people getting married. A nice bottle of something sparkling to enjoy at a later date will almost always be appreciated.

Afternoon Tea

This is a lovely idea to give the weary bride and groom a day of enjoying the finer things in life. Buy an open ended voucher that they may treat themselves at one of the best spots the UK has to offer.

Adventure Activity

For some couples an adventure activity is the way to go as a way to say thank you and congratulations. Why not book them a session at a climbing centre, paddle boarding, or river kayaking experience for example.

Spa Day

This is sure to go down well and can be tailored to suit both sexes and various preferences. Gift cards can be purchased from most spas, with guests able to opt for treatments they want on the day.

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