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Wear Sunscreen: New Research Emphasises Importance of Correct Application

Wear Sunscreen: New Research Emphasises Importance of Correct Application

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With the blistering heat showing no signs of letting up, it's important to be reminded of how to stay safe in the sun.

New research from the King's College London suggests that people are not getting the presumed protection from their sunscreen. This is due to poor application technique and not using enough.

The research found that a lower SPF sunscreen was more effective when applied to a sufficient thickness, than a cream with a higher SPF. It highlights the importance of taking care to apply sun lotion properly. Ensure all areas of exposed skin are covered evenly and use a generous enough quantity so as to adequately coat the skin.

While prevention is always better than a cure; sunburn does happen and it's vital you know how to effectively treat it.

Refresh your memory with what to do in the event of excess sun exposure;


It's essential to stay topped up with fluids in this heat. Dehydration is a killer and it can happen all too easily. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Little and often is the golden rule! This is especially important if your body is recovering from too much sun.


Immerse your burning skin in cold water. The same principle applies if you burn yourself on something hot, running it under cold water for as long as possible (10 minutes at least) will significantly improve the healing process. Not only will this reduce skin damage, it will also bring the body temperature down and help combat headaches along with other symptoms of heat stroke.


As soon as skin is showing the first signs of having had too much sun, i.e. it's turning pink, you need to stop any further contact from the sun's rays. The most effective way of doing this is to stay inside, or in well shaded areas. Failing that, clothing and appropriate head-wear should be worn to cover the skin and prevent direct sun exposure.


Hello skin saviour. Aloe Vera is sometimes referred to as the 'burn plant' for its effectiveness at soothing stinging, red skin. Literally slather all over the affected area and feel the immediate cooling effect of this calming green gel.

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