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Ways To Stay Healthy When Desk-bound All Day

Ways To Stay Healthy When Desk-bound All Day

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For many of us sitting at a desk all day is the norm. The problem is, while it's normal for how offices are run, it's completely abnormal for how our body's are designed to function.

There is a lot of scientific proof for the fact that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are causing big problems for our health.

However, while it might be impossible to avoid being sat at a computer all day, there are things you can do to reduce the negative impact it's having on your wellbeing.

Hour power

Set a timer for every hour as a reminder to get up and move around, or have a little stretch at the desk. Forcing yourself to do this on an hourly basis will significantly improve how you feel and is likely to make you more productive too.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a killer, however so many of us go through the day barely drinking enough healthy fluids, i.e. water. It's pretty simple and straightforward; your body requires adequate hydration in order to function properly, so therefore you must re-hydrate on a regular basis.

Eat healthily

Try to steer clear of unhealthy office eating habits. When you're sat for long periods of time it's easy to get bored and end up grazing on sweet, salty snacks. Replace these with healthy alternatives, or fill up with fluids instead. This will prevent you piling on unnecessary pounds and help you to think more clearly.

Stretch at your desk

Watch this super relaxing, silent demonstration and incorporate a little yoga to your desk space.

Go herbal

Herbal teas are a great way to receive the satisfaction of a cuppa without the extra cals (milk and sugar), whilst boosting your health and hydration. There is huge selection available, why not have fun with it and try a new flavour each week.

Make your desk space beautiful

This is more connected to mental health, as opposed to physical, but no less important! Creating a space which inspires you and generates feelings of positivity is a powerful way to boost how you feel sat at your desk all day. Keep it fresh and appealing. Pin up a different motivational quote each week and keep plants around you.

Move before and after office hours

OK, so you have to be sat down for most of the day, this doesn't mean you can't make up for before and after office hours. Why not try cycling into work a few days a week, or join a fitness class/gym for a quick blast after work.

Don't cut off blood supply

Wearing clothes that are restrictive and tight, especially around internal organs such as the stomach, is extremely bad for health. Doing this for eight hours a day, every day, could lead to serious health problems. Be savvy with your office attire and keep it smart and comfortable.

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