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Ways To Love Your Office Space

Ways To Love Your Office Space

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If you work in an office then you are likely spending on average 7 hours sat at your desk for 5 days of the week. That's 35 hours per week, or 140 hours a month. See how quickly the time adds up; so therefore creating a beautiful desk space is important for keeping you feeling happy and inspired.

Here are a few simple ideas to make your place in the office a gorgeous reflection of who you are and what you love.


Think how often you see your screensaver on a daily basis, so turn it into an opportunity to reinforce motivational quotes, or to inspire or humour through imagery. Make a habit of changing your screensaver at least once a month, to keep things fresh and to reflect the time of year.

Fun stationary

For most office work there's usually some requirement for stationary; even if it's only on a very basic level, a pen for example. Whatever it is (and if you love stationary you can always find an excuse for more!); buy fun variations of things, or treat yourself to the best quality of something. This adds a bit of sparkle to your day and brings good intentions to your work.

Desk plants

Plants are the giver of life and their green leaves generate a feeling of calm. Therefore, you want to cover your desk in them! Obviously, they also require looking after and can take up a lot of space so maybe stick with one or two choice varieties, such as succulents, English ivy, or peace lilies.


One of the best ways to personalise your desk area and create a 'happy place', is with photos. The obvious choice is family and friends, but include photos of places you love. Even if you didn't take them, pin them up somewhere. Use the the space you star at absentmindedly for hours during the week as a visualisation board. Attract adventure travels, a beautiful home and all best things for you and loved ones; all from your your little cubicle in tower block C.

Comfy chair

In a letter you might write to your younger self as a 90 year old, investing in a chair that supports back health is likely to be on the list of 'I wish I had...' Keeping your spine in good check is absolutely vital for reducing health problems and preventing back pain. If your office won't supply you with a chair that meets your specific requirements, then buy your own. Trust your 90 year old self, it's a cost that can be justified!

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