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Ways To Embrace The Booze-Free Challenge

Ways To Embrace The Booze-Free Challenge

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If you have vowed to remain sober for the month of January, then the chances are you are having to rethink some of your pastimes. That cosy little nook that a bottle of wine provides at the end of a strenuous week; the crutch that pub gatherings rely upon, and the spirit-based safety net for social anxiety have been stripped away. Even if you don't have a problem with drinking, it can still be surprising how aware you are of its absence.

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To successfully implement changes in your life, you must try out doing things differently. In regards to going booze-free, make sure to fill your time with activities that have no psychological attachment to drinking; so instead of feeling like you're missing something, you'll feel like you're gaining. The concept of going without alcohol is somehow restrictive and implies a certain loss of enjoyment, when in fact the opposite is true.

Arrange early morning activities for the weekend

If you would usually partake in a bevvy or two over the weekend, then it's likely that you would refrain from making energetic plans for the following morning. However, with your sober cape on, early morning weekend classes or stints in the gym are now your thing, so get booking! Smug-faced Sunday sweat sessions are the one.

Experiment with healthy drinks

Instead of limiting what you enjoy drinking, cutting out alcohol as an option prompts you to experiment with exciting healthy drinks that are far more interesting than a gin and tonic. Fresh fruity mocktails flavoured with herbs from the garden, or teas made with exotic spices that boast incredible health benefits. Fall in love with the right kind of drinking.

Find ways to unwind without wine

Having a glass of wine can easily become the go-to method for relaxing; whether it's been a bad day, or busy week. The immediate effect does help too; you instantly feel calmer. But after that any positive benefits are reversed and it leaves you feeling more stressed, tired, sick, angry than before. Find ways that are truly effective at relaxing your nervous system and instilling you with deep and lasting inner calm.

Do something different on a night out

Going to bars on a night out is often resorted to for lack of any imagination. There are lots of other fun things you can do of an evening, which don't involve drinking. When was the last time you went to the cinema? Or, how about trying out a new restaurant and then setting off to explore the city at night?

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