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Want To Be An Athlete? Be A Netball Player.

Want To Be An Athlete? Be A Netball Player.

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According to England's coach Tracey Neville, "Netball is a future - playing netball and doing the sport you love, you never have to work," she says.

"For a lot of young girls out there, it is an aspiration."

"We do have the resources to be able to financially support these players. It's an exciting prospect for netball and women in sport in general."

England's Netball TeamWorld Cup Qualifiers

Taking place in Liverpool, July 2019, England instantly qualifies for a place.

Scotland beat Wales 52-40 in Perth and secured one of the two remaining European places at the 2019 world cup.

The UK's Netball teams have been showing great promise.

England are ranked 3rd in the world and Northern Ireland are ranked 8th in the world. Ireland team captain stated, "I think we're in the best condition we've ever been in."

"We're a very fast and aggressive team" with "really accurate shooters"

Irish Netball Team
Image of Irish Netball team
Scotland beat Wales in their race towards the World Cup finals ,with 18-year old Sirens play Bethan Goodwin to the fore, making her mark in the final quarter.

The final game of the series will be shown LIVE on the BBC. We are feeling optimistic.

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