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Veggie Soups For Warmth And Nourishment

Veggie Soups For Warmth And Nourishment

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Soup is food for the soul; warm, nourishing and served in a beautiful bowl. Making soups out lots of fresh, organic veggies and other wholesome ingredients is one of the best ways to get a quick, nutritious fix any time of day.

They're great for sharing too! Take a look at these mouthwatering veggie soup ideas for some inspiration.

Sweet Pepper

You feel warm just looking at this bright orange bowl of sweet deliciousness. To make it, first roast a big tray of red peppers with a few garlic cloves, some herbs (optional) and a generous drizzle of olive oil, then whizz the roasted peppers up and serve with a green garnish. Sweet and simple.

Tomato, basil and mascarpone

Tomato soup is a classic, often associated with the tinned variety. Make it yourself instead, without all the sugar and salt; with vine tomatoes, fresh picked basil and a dollop of creamy mascarpone.

Potato, onion and leek

When it comes to wholesome and delicious, this soup has it. The bright, zesty flavour of the onions and leeks are gorgeous combined with the smooth, savoury potato base. I personally love a strong, mature cheddar grated on mine, however for a more fancy aesthetic sprigs of parsley work well.

Roasted butternut squash and coconut milk

The taste, consistency and colour of butternut squash in soup form is quite sublime. Roast chunks of butternut squash with garlic and herbs to flavour, then whizz up and serve.

Creamy mushroom

Autumn is the prime time of year to forage for mushrooms (if you know what you're looking for!). Otherwise play it safe and buy some to make into a delicious creamy soup.

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