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Vegan Alternatives To Your Favourite Meaty Meals

Vegan Alternatives To Your Favourite Meaty Meals

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One of the most surprising things that people often comment on after adopting a vegan diet, is that instead of it being restrictive it is actually quite liberating.

All of a sudden meals become more experimental and diverse, when you aren't relying on meat or diary for flavour and to provide the substance of a meal.

Food can also taste so much fresher and more delicious when it's comprised of colourful vegetables cooked in interesting ways, as opposed to animal flesh.

It's fun discovering ways that you can still enjoy your old favourite meat dishes using vegan alternatives. What's more, you may find that they even taste better too!

Crispy 'chicken' burger

Seasoned tofu is incredible at recreating the juicy texture of a chicken burger. This recipe is fried, as opposed to baked, which is another factor that enhances how good it tastes. Top with some delicious crunchy veg and some sweet chilli dip for the ultimate burger experience.

'Pulled pork' pizza

This delicious recipe uses shredded heart of palm marinated in BBQ sauce for the 'pulled pork' and is topped with a mouthwatering mango salsa. This is for guilt-free pizza eating at its very finest!

Veggie 'omelette'

Chickpeas are the answer here, so if you're hummus lover then chances are you'll love this too! Omelettes are amazing for getting all of your 5-a-day into one simple dish that is also easy on the carb count.

'Steak' with mushroom gravy

This has all of the chunky texture you want from steak, with a rich gravy to make it juicy. Cauliflowers are a mighty source of vitamins and minerals too, so this dish is win-win.

Seekh kebab

This beautifully fragrant and satisfying kebab recipe is easily more delicious and certainly more nutritious than its meaty counterpart. Add colour and texture with chunky salad garnishes and bright, zesty sauces.

'Fish' and Chips

While the tofu used in this recipe doesn't have the same consistency as fish, it still tastes great and really works served with chips and this homemade vegan tartar sauce.

'Steak' and ale pie

This pub grub classic has had a remake here using

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