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Universal Acclaim For 'A Star Is Born'

Universal Acclaim For 'A Star Is Born'

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With the release date now under a month away, anticipation for A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, is reaching 'fever' pitch.

The plot is of a young woman, Ally (Gaga), who has all but given up on her dream of becoming famous and is resigned to singing for a cabaret. That is, until she meets country singer Jackson Maine (Cooper) at a bar where they immediately hit it off. What ensues is a tale of romance and of making it big, as Ally impresses Jackson with her raw talent as a singer-songwriter.

Lady Gaga already has a Golden Globe for acting under her belt and Bradley Cooper was named one of the highest-paid actors in hollywood for three years in a row. This is the first film that see's Cooper also in the directors seat, a role that he has been praised for.

A Star Is Born is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name, marking the third time that the film has been produced for the big screen. Part of the acclaim that the film has thus far received denotes to the way in which the remake was handled; proving that some stories are so timeless that some magic is gained and not lost upon their revival.

This sizzling production crackles with the onscreen chemistry between Gaga and Cooper; with sterling performances from Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chapelle and Sam Elliot in support roles.

Released in cinemas at the beginning of October (check with your local theatre for dates and times).

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