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Unique BBQ Pudding Ideas

Unique BBQ Pudding Ideas

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Few people think of post-BBQ nibbles, though if our guests' appetites are not quite quenched, it's only politeness and good organisation to have a few post-treats prepared for the peckish among you. Here are a few that certainly will not fail to impress even the fussiest of guests. 

Blueberry peach cobbler bars

Blueberry peach cobbler bars

Peach Cobbler Bars have a very delicious buttery flavor with a slight hint of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and a little almond extract. And yeah, not only do they smell far greater than the majority of candles when they are being baked, but these bars are warm, fresh-tasting and satisfying to the sweet-tooth!

Caramelised rum bananas and ice-cream

Rum bananas and ice-cream

We really can't imagine that you'd want to have a BBQ on a chilly and prospectively rainy day (although of course we Brits are known for packing up the family for a beach trip when the sun merely peeps out from behind the clouds, sad right?). 

With BBQ's being saved for the sunniest of occasions, we know that you'll be craving something cooling. That is where rum bananas and ice-cream comes in. It's the best contrast against steaming skewers. You'll love it.

Chocolate Turtle Cookies

Save the Maryland's in your cupboard for a rainy day and, since us Brits don't BBQ as much as we'd like, whip-up these tasty chocolate and nut-packed biscuits, drizzled with some delightful caramel sauce.

Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Cookie Bars

Every adult-child's dessert dream. Gooey, sweet and warm cookie-dough. Serve with milk. Perfection.

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