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UK Beach Cleans: Surfers Against Sewage

UK Beach Cleans: Surfers Against Sewage

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Surfers Against Sewage have spearheaded a recent movement to clean up the seas around the British coastline. What started out in Cornwall in 1990, as a campaign fronted by a small group of surfers to combat the appalling levels of raw sewage in the water, has now grown into one of the most successful and active environmental organisations in the UK.

The priority has shifted however, with the focus now being on the plastic pollution problem jeopardising the health of our oceans on a global scale. As the SAS slogan runs: "Think Global, Act Local. Tackle the plastic pollution that blights your beachfront." Which is precisely what they are doing.

No doubt you've heard about the organised beach cleans being held on seafronts up and down the country. Well, thanks to the efforts of the volunteers involved, Surfers Against Sewage estimate that this year alone 116 tonnes of plastic has been extracted from our beaches.

This is in no way the end of it though, as we are becoming increasingly aware of the sheer scale of the problem and the level of environmental destruction it is causing.

The emphasis is on local communities coming together to tackle the problem on two fronts. One is to reduce the amount of single use plastic being used, both by individuals and businesses; the second is to actively clean up the plastic litter that already exists.

Beach cleans are the best way to do this. They also encourage a sense of community spirit, which just as important in today's more fragmented society. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the kids over the Christmas break, then this is just the thing.

Find out about beach cleans in your region and if there isn't one, why not take the initiative and organise your own. This could be your new year's resolution, along with eliminating single use plastic from your life.

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