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Turn Heads In a Headscarf

Turn Heads In a Headscarf

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Headscarves can have dramatic impact as far as fashion pieces go. For those not accustomed to headwear, it may feel a little outside your comfort zone, but that's all the more reason to give it a go.

Here, we've compiled a small selection of ways to wear the headscarf to ignite the flame and get you thinking about how you might work one into this weekend's look.

The front-tie headband

This is simple and cute for a kinda retro look. Just twist up a large handkerchief and tie a little bow atop your head. Oh hey there cutie pie!

The pirate bandana

This is a little more 'out there' when it comes to headwear, but there's no denying the wow factor here. Big, F-off earrings make the perfect finishing touch to this pirate inspired look.

The turban

Create a turban effect by wrapping a scarf around your head in such a way that it's prominent at the front. Look online for about a million tutorials on all the ways that this look can be achieved, then go out there as one of the current style elite.

The vintage look

An ode to the queen of 1950's glam, Audery Hepburn; this look is pure class. Make sure to adopt the whole persona with a pair of cat eye sunglasses.

Traditional African style

Bright, bold and beautiful. If big, colourful headwear is in your DNA then make everyday your very own catwalk parade.

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