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6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

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We all love to treat ourselves to a day out, new shoes or a trip to cinema. Unfortunately, these things can all become very expensive and especially in the New Year we often have to limit what we spend.

Never fear, here at Atmo we have devised a few cost effective or in fact free ways to make sure that we can all still treat ourselves and feel great at the beginning of 2018!

Eat Well 

It's time to brush off the apron and cook up a storm. Whether it is sweet or savoury, finding a new recipe and giving it a go can not only be fun but it will also mean saving the cash you would have spent on a take-away or eating out. Not to mention you will (fingers-crossed) be left with something delicious. 

Cooking is something enjoyable that you can do with a friend, your partner or even the kids and if you're stuck for ideas; you can find some great recipes to try on our food and drinks page.

Egg on toast

Get a New Book 

Reading is a wonderful hobby but depending on how quickly you get through a book, it can also be an expensive one. Why not find your local library, surround yourself with that familiar old book smell and spend the afternoon reading as many books as you like. 

You can even then take a few home to enjoy!



Treat yourself to a good nights sleep! While this may be something that you think you do already, many of us do not get the recommended minimum of 8 hours rest that we need. Not getting enough sleep does not only mean less physical energy it also has great effect on both mental abilities and our emotional state. 

Here are some things you can try to get a well rested night. 

  1. Make sure your bed is comfortable and inviting. Going to bed should be a pleasant part of your daily routine. 
  2. Ensure that your bedroom is at a good temperature. As you are trying to doze off your body temperature decreases and while you may be trying to keep the cost down with the heating, this can really effect your quality of sleep. The ideal room temperature for a good nights sleep is between 16 and 21 degrees Celsius.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake after 2pm in the afternoon. Other hot drinks like herbal teas such as chamomile and peppermint tea can be a good alternative and can even help you sleep.
  4. Limit how much you use your phone and laptop before you got to bed. The light given out by smartphones and laptop screens can trick your brain into thinking it is still day light meaning that your quality of sleep affected. Try reading a book or listening to some relaxing music before bed as an alternative. 

Get Outside

This can be at home in the garden or even better: walk around the city, the park, the beach or a public footpath. The fresh air will have positive effects on your mood, making you feel uplifted and refeshed and as well as walking being a great form of is also 100% free!


Stay In 

Get the girls over! Whether is is a sophisticated dinner, a pamper night or a pyjama party having a night in is very underrated. Wow your friends with a delicious dinner, pop on a classic film, get on the Xbox or do each other nails and make some homemade face masks; or all of the above! We promise that you will come away feeling refreshed and re-energised after a catch up and lots of laughs and more importantly will have saved some of cash. 

Get Creative  

Creative activities can be very rewarding, not to mention fun and they do not need to be expensive. Many arty activities can be done with things we have around the house. For example, this lovely heart paper garland is simple to make and will have you feeling as though you have treated yourself to a new item for the home. You can even try jazzing up some old clothes that you don't wear anymore and make them feel bran new...Without the price tag!  

Paper Garland
This paper garland is made from old book pages, some string and some staples

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