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Transform Your Life: Books That Hold The Power For Positive Change

Transform Your Life: Books That Hold The Power For Positive Change

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While it's lovely to lie back and allow a romantic novel to swirl around you, or be seduced with tales of lies and deception in a latest thriller; why not relax instead with a tome that could potentially transform your entire life.

Books really can change the way we think and when they are as positive and as powerful as the selection we've compiled here, then it really is worth taking note.

Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now has become something of a global phenomenon. Written by a man who believes he had an awakening in the midst of debilitating anxiety and depression, Tolle highlights the insanity of our unchecked thoughts, which are almost always fixed on either worrying about the future or agonising over the past, both of which bear little or no relevance to reality.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Youself by Michael A. Singer is a poignant piece about developing pure consciousness which is devoid of painful past memories and the self-constructed ego that imprisons us with its limitations. Have a taste of a life without limits and abolish the destructive inner dialogue that is dragging you down.

It should be mandatory that The Little Book of Mindfulness, by Dr Patrizia Collard, be given out to children on their first day of school. It's so simple, yet so powerful, in the way that it administers advice that has the ability to transform lives. This little gem should be on hand, around the house, for all the family to dip in and out of.

MindWorks is a searingly honest and practical book about how we can change the core beliefs that no longer serve us and react from a place of love, not fear. This book is accompanied by a highly informative website, which offers audio courses that are a powerful means to achieving significant positive change in your life.

Deepak Chopra is the godfather of alternative medicine and here you get an undiluted dose of great advice about how to look after your biological and spiritual being in order to maintain optimum health. The Healing Self provides invaluable advice about how we can 'supercharge' our immune systems and cultivate a healthy gut microbiome.

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