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'Toy Story 4': Falling With Style Into 2019

'Toy Story 4': Falling With Style Into 2019

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For almost a quarter of a century, the 'Toy Story' movies have been lighting up screens and faces alike. The characters are almost as familiar as family members, with Buzz and Woody's antics some of the most iconic computer animated moments ever created.

Take a minute to refresh your memory with these hilarious clips from the very first film, released back in 1995:

And then came 'Toy Story 2' (1999) followed by what was believed to be the third and final instalment of the toy box saga in 2010. However, a surprise announcement back in 2014 confirmed that there was yet more to come from the contents of Andy's room. 'Toy Story 4' was initially penned for release in June of last year. This date has since been pushed back and we are now awaiting the 21 of June 2019 for our 'Toy Story' fix.

While no official trailer has been released yet, we have been given these two tantalising teaser trailers:

We like what we are seeing. You can already tell that newcomer (not toy) 'Forky' is going to deliver the goods in terms of comic genius.

Most of the original cast, the voices we both know and love in their well worn roles, will be returning to the 'Toy Story' recording studios for a fourth time. Tom Hanks is of course our favourite cowboy doll, Woody, while Tim Allen will again be donning his intergalactic spacesuit as Buzz Lightyear.

The biggest changes are that Don Rickles (aka Mr. Potato Head) died last year without recording any sound, so it is unclear what will happen to his character. Also, as shown in the first of the teasers, funfair prizes Bunny and Ducky are to be voiced by comedy duo, Keegan-Micheal Key and Jordan Peele. And, there is also talk of Keanu Reeves being involved in some as of yet unexplained capacity.

Intriguing. 🤔 Roll on summer 2019!

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