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Top Tips For Self Motivation
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Top Tips For Self Motivation

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Never fail to complete a to-do list again with these top tips for maxing out on your productivity, without burning out.

Self motivation could mean the difference between you achieving your goals, or not. Make you work for yourself.

Set clear goals

Work from a plan. Whether this is just in your head, or even better written down. Science has proven that you have an increased chance of achieving your goals if you do this.

Pretend that it's a work assignment that you may not particularly want to do, but are required to. So you set aside the appropriate time and space and you put your all into it, because it's work and you want to do your best. Be your own boss and impress yourself with how detailed and action orientated your goal plan is.

Be positive

Don't confuse motivation with harsh criticism of yourself. Many of us are prone to doing this without even registering it either. Try to take note of how you 'speak to yourself' and imagine a stranger speaking to you like this. If you would take offence, then lay off yourself and adopt a more positive approach.

Reward yourself

One of the best motivations for doing something is the anticipation of a reward. While a sense of achievement upon completing something can feel like reward enough, try to break up the journey there with smaller steps that come with real rewards.

For example; you could book a spa treatment for attending the gym 4 days in a row, or you could plan a trip you've always wanted to do for when you've completed the book you've been writing. Increase your motivation with an image of the reward you'll receive upon achieving whatever milestone you've set yourself.

No excuses

This is the mantra of successful people. This is because there is always an excuse not to do something. With a small amount of intelligence, the "I can't be bothered" excuse can be elevated into something far more sophisticated and removed from fear or pure laziness. Excuses take on the guise of "actual fact"; for example, "something about my body is wrong" or "I haven't got the time/money".

You even believe your own excuses. People who achieve great things are so determined that anything that could be perceived as a set back they overcome as part of the journey. The biggest obstacle is in your head. It goes back to setting solid goals and setting your sights on achieving them.

Listen to your intuition

The fact that it is notoriously difficult to put a finger on intuition doesn't makes it any less of a powerful force. Some refer to it is the voice of your heart, or the presence of love (in terms of the universe) that is within you.

The reason that you sometimes don't hear your intuition, or allow it to guide you, is that thoughts generated by an overactive brain drown out the internal airways. Intuition doesn't shout or bombard you with reasons, it is merely a feeling in your gut of knowing what is right and what isn't. The more we learn about how the gut functions, the more this corresponds with why our intuition is felt here.

Intuition is a hugely important factor in motivating ourselves. When we tune into these subtle frequencies of truth within us we are able to know what the best course of action to take to achieve our goals. We are all unique at the end of the day. Only you know what's best for you. Start listening to you true nature and stop the deafening roar of your thoughts for a second, they don't speak the truth.

Know your limits

Make sure to set aside the appropriate time for relaxation. It's important to know what real relaxation is too, as a lot of us confuse it with any time spent not working or carrying out responsibilities.

Therefore, scrolling through Facebook whilst grabbing a quick cup of tea, for some people constitutes relaxing. This misconception has led to a nation of people emotionally and physically frayed and on the brink of a mental breakdown, although they may not even recognise it as such.

People need to learn how to relax properly, in a way that actually restores energy levels and rejuvenates the nervous system. Without valuable relaxation time, you are headed for a burnout, even if you're not maxing out in the pursuit of a goal.

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