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Top Tips For a Winter Hair Rescue Mission

Top Tips For a Winter Hair Rescue Mission

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The sweltering temperatures we experienced over the summer may seem like a lifetime a go, now that we're cocooned in knitwear and sipping on cinnamon spice, however our hair may still be reeling from months of overexposure to the ravaging affects of the sun.

Prepare for a winter hair rescue mission for locks in distress, just dying to be restored to silky-softness. With the Christmas party season looming, time is of the essence if you are to successfully pull your hair from the wreckage and save it from the scrunchy bun.

Get a haircut

Getting your hair trimmed regularly is essential if it is to be healthy and full of vitality; not dry, lacklustre and straggly. Hair types vary from head to head, so use your own judgement for when it needs doing. The general rule of thumb, however, is every 6-8 weeks.

A good hair dresser will also provide you with the knowledge/products for keeping locks in the best condition and be able to advise you on a new style, or colour.

Try new products

Using the same hair products all the time, means that they cease to be as effective. The trick is to mix it up and try new products every now and again. As with everything, change is sometimes a good thing.

For example, we recently tried the Lush Shampoo Bars, which we love for the fact that they're cruelty and plastic free. What we also found was that they made our hair look and feel amazing, plus smell, well, lush.

Stop over styling

Heat styling causes hair to break and become damaged. Even tying it up snaps strands of hair each time, which poke out all over the place when you let it down. Be gentle with your hair and look at ways that you can reduce the use of straighteners and intensive drying.

Seek out new styles that don't require heat styling, such as using mousse to create a tousled affect or plaiting the hair when wet to avoid using a hair dryer. If you tie your hair up a lot, then make sure to use a spiral hair tie. These little beauties have revolutionised the ponytail, making it easy to achieve a bump free finish and vastly reducing the friction that causes breakage.

Feed your hair

Dry, frizzy hair is a sigh of dehydration. Quench your hair's thirst with a hot hair mask. Lush offer treatments that are plastic and even packaging free. We tried the 'Damaged' hot oil treatment and our hair felt gorgeous afterwards. What's more, the delicate smell of the treatment stays present in the hair for days, even after several washes.

It's also easy to do your own hot oil treatment using an oil of your choice, for example avocado, olive or coconut. Warm it up in the microwave and work it through the ends of hair that is dry and leave in for as long as possible. You can even pop a towel over your pillow so as to sleep with it on.

To remove rinse thoroughly in a shower with shampoo and hot water. It's worth noting that it can sometimes leave hair looking a little greasy after the first wash, if too much oil was applied and the shampoo didn't manage to cut through all of it, so be aware of this if you're planning a night out.

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