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Top 6 Dogs For Families

Top 6 Dogs For Families

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Who doesn't love dogs though - seriously? If you're anything like us and find yourself doting over pictures of fluffy little pups that make your heart swell, then you're probably thinking about having one of your own one day. If you'd like to light up your home with a bundle of fur, especially a family home, then here's a few breeds you can place your bets on.

1. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers instinctively love to swim - and are always up to splash about in lakes, rivers and the sea!

2. Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands dog

Although the cute little pup in the pic above might grow tremendous in size, the breed is known as being rather docile and can quite easily adjust to living in a house. They're also watchful, faithful and patient with children!

3. Boxers


Because of their fun and energetic nature, they are frequently referred to as the "Peter Pan" of the dog breeds!

4. Labradors


Since they have such a gentle temperament, Labradors are very commonly used as guide dogs. Not only are they gentle but they are easy to train and eager to please. Of course, these qualities make them amazing with children too!

5. Beagles

Compact, energetic and good-tempered, Beagles make great companions for adults and kids alike!

6. Collies


Collies really love their owners giving them attention, are affectionate to children and simply adore being around people, that's what make them such a great family addition!

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