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Top 5 Motivational TED Talks

Top 5 Motivational TED Talks

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Life gets tough sometimes, and we know what a big difference a few words of encouragement can make.  Although many of us strive to be our best selves each and every day, and push ourselves to our full potential, it's only natural that, sometimes, we become a little tired, feel a little low or struggle with motivation. But never fear! - If you're having a bad day today, then a TED is just what you need.

1. How to stop screwing yourself over

"You are never going to feel like it!" seems to be Mel Robbins take-away message. Speaking about what scientists call 'activation energy', Robbins teaches us that it's just human instinct to be afraid of change, though, at the same time, tells us to snap out of it. Nothing good comes easy. If you're looking to get your act together, this is the rant you need to hear.

2. The Skill of Self Confidence - Dr. Ivan Joseph 

Just oozing with charisma and confidence, it's pretty fitting that Joseph delivers this uplifting speech about the importance of self-belief. The story of how his son's unrelenting positivity in the face of failure just never gets old.

3. Programming your mind for success - Carrie Green

Feeling stuck - we all experience it. Green speaks about ditching the projects that don't enrich your life, and chasing the ones that do.

4. Go with your gut feeling - Magnus Walker

This dude is as chilled and as hippy as he looks - but do not underestimate - this guy is one powerful entrepreneur. Following his gut feeling, pursuing 'leap of faith' projects, Walker is now living his dream. Never stereotype success.

5. How to Be Happy Every Day - Jacqueline Way

Super mum, Jacqueline Way, taught her son, and now us, the incredible impact that simple acts of kindness, and giving, can have on the world. You're much more powerful than you think.

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