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Top 3 Active Escape Destinations

Top 3 Active Escape Destinations

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While reclining back in a sun chair on a beautiful, exotic beach is a prospect I'd be swift to embrace; an exploration filled, pro-active holiday, granting an array of colourful memories, is a thought that grabs me most. If this, too, captures your own imagination, here are three great fitness destinations which are sure to enliven your senses.

Walking the Camino De Santiago, Spain.


A sacred walking route across Northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago appeals it's masses of tourists for various reasons. The site's beauty, the physical challenge of the walk and the company of like-minded strangers forming just a few. According to 101 Greatest Travel Experiences 2018 in Wanderlust Bookazine, the most popular of route's is the 780km Camino France's, which starts in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the south of France and ends in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela. At the end of this route, the essential goal is the tomb of St James in Santiago's baroque cathedral. This adventure however, is more about the delight of the on-foot journey that it's sacred architecture.

Did you know?: Walkers can obtain a credential (pilgrim passport) before setting out on their expedition. It is official proof of pilgrimage, and can be stamped at churches and hostels alike en route.

Rafting the Zambezi, Zambia.


With the magnificent Zambezi River forming the grandest single sheet of water at peak flow, as much as 10 million litres of water crash over its lip each second creating a ferocious torrent in the narrow Batoka Gorge below. A dazzling spectacle for adrenaline-junkie tourists, this river turns into the largest sequence of rapids worldwide. While somewhat ominous, with its gigantic rapids having been given fittingly violent names including Washing Machine, Gnashing Jaws of Death, The Terminator and Oblivion, these white waters can be tackled by even inexperienced beginners. With the aid of expert rafting guides steering you out of harms way, hold your paddle tight, stay alert and listen closely to your guide as you speed down the thundering channel.

Swimming in the deep blue, Cage Caulker, Belize.


Noted of by Charles Darwin as "the most remarkable reef in the West Indies," their is joy in the fact that you do not even need to sport an oxygen tank to witness it's spectacular sights. At the northern end of the reef in particular, there stretches a cluster of tiny islands with snorkelling led by professionals within just a short distance. Greatest of them all, Cage Caulker, is a laid back sandbar with world-class snorkelling only a boat ride off-shore.

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