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Top 10 Wellness Trends In 2018, According To Pinterest

Top 10 Wellness Trends In 2018, According To Pinterest

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If the prospect of leading a healthy life this year simply brings to mind Kale recipes and running around the block, Pinterest's top ten wellness trends for bringing life to your mind, body and soul next year, is really what you need.

Feel-good gut.

2017 brought in a new wave of Pinners raising awareness about gut bacteria, and the benefits one can gain from feeding it with the healthy kind. A few of these benefits including improving mineral absorption and reduced inflammation. It's not too late to get on it this year and begin pinning recipes that feature the best probiotic foods for your gut. Better to get on it now than never.

A toned body, not a slim body.

With a wave of people and pinners everywhere becoming enlightened to the health benefits of prioritising Strength training in their fitness routines. Not only does it build muscle, but it burns fat, strengthens bones and improves balance. So it seems as if the emphasis on slimming that has dominated the world of fitness will be taking a back bench in 2018. This year is not about looking great (though you will, no doubt), but feeling amazing.

The post-workout.

The post-workout is just as important, if not more important, than the workout itself. In order to swiftly recover from a difficult workout, you need to be savved up on the most beneficial meals and snacks to eat, the best stretches to do to prevent those next day aches, and the best compression gear you can put on to help relieve muscular tension.

Breathing clean.

You might already be eating clean, but that really isn't enough for the people who stress the need to breath clean too. Air purifiers and plants that possess inherent air purifying properties provide an extra ounce of freshness to a healthy household. They are perfect for maintaining a dust, allergen and smoke-free home.

Luxuries for the locks.

Ever-growing, maybe. Nourished from the inside? Indeed. But you should still aim to treat your hair as kindly as you treat your skin in 2018. Whether this entails whisking up a nourishing, homemade hair mask, or being less liberal with the oil stripping shampoo, healthy hair tips are all the rage for shinier, smoother locks this year.

Porcelain pores potion.

Incorporating merely a few drops of vitamin C serum into your daily skincare routine is excellent for minimising signs of ageing, thanks to the incredible antioxidant properties of the vitamin. You can expect a more even skin tone, less fine lines, and firmer, more glowing skin.

Gentle, yet powerful exercise.

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese practice that combines meditative thinking and deep breathing with soft movements. It has proved itself extremely popular with present day fitness fanatics. The low-impact exercise is renowned for it's ability to seriously reduce pain and to relax.

Soothing scents.

Essential oil diffusers are now all the rage. Stirring the senses - the soothing smell of oils is most certainly going to calm the mind or get the creative juices flowing. It's interesting how many people are now contemplating ways in which to incorporate food grade (not essential!) oils into their diets as well.

Props for progress.

Heard of the yoga wheel? It's one of the latest yoga props. The device allows for more intense self-massages and stretches, and can provide an excellent device for more difficult postures. Instagram yogis are becoming obsessed and celebs have jumped on the movement. Try it out soon!

Self-care staycations

Many of us had a lot on our plates in 2017. This meant having that oh-so important "me time" was pretty crucial, to practice energising, restorative rituals to help us to keep passionately striving forward. Although it was perhaps once degraded as overly indulgent, self-care has become a necessity. Never underestimate the importance of taking a break. We weren't made to work 24/7.

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