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'Tis The Season Of Long Evenings: Winter Date Night Ideas

'Tis The Season Of Long Evenings: Winter Date Night Ideas

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As winter creeps in and darkness descends at an ever earlier time each evening, we must adjust our habits so as to make the most of this magical time of the year.

Date nights are a fun way to engage in activities suited specifically to the changing seasons, which now involves things that are as warming for the heart as they are for the hands.

Go fetch the calendar and pencil in a few of these ideas to do with someone special.

Candlelit dinner

Cook a delicious meal for the both of you, then create a space where you can enjoy eating in pure candlelight. You may need a few dotted around to generate enough light to see what you're eating; then let your eyes adjust to the low lighting and allow the soothing atmosphere, that the flickering flames create, to flow between you. Just be careful that you remember to extinguish your candles before desert is finished and you leave the dining table for somewhere more comfortable.


With Netflix and every conceivable watchable thing just a few clicks away, it's easy to forget about the cinema and balk at the cost of it. However, for an occasional treat, or in this case date night, going to see a film on the big screen is incredible and triggers all the electric feels. Why not book you and your partner seats for A Star Is Born and get all mushy and misty-eyed over a giant box of popcorn.


After watching Lady Gaga performing raw and unaccompanied, there's a chance you'll leave the cinema feeling inspired to pick up the mic. Cue your third date night idea, which is to hit up a karaoke bar. Singing your heart out with/to a loved one will either have you reaching for the tissues overwhelmed with emotion, or in absolute hysterics. Either way, it's entertaining and something different and fun to do together.

Poker night

Why not set up a poker night, either for just you and your partner, or invite other couples to join you. You can have fun with this by creating an authentic feeling atmosphere and dressing accordingly. If you've never played Poker before, then use it as an opportunity to learn a new skill and cash in on some beginners luck.


This is somewhat dependant on what bathroom facilities you have available, but if it's possible for you both to share a bath, why not make an evening of it. Put lit candles around the bathroom, pour a glass of something bubbly and put some relaxing, romantic oils into the water. Then soak in the water together, feeling any tensions melt away, as you enjoy each other's company in this intimate setting.

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