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Thom Hunt On The Lost Art Of Being Human

Thom Hunt On The Lost Art Of Being Human

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Thom Hunt was a guest speaker at a recent event, Spa Fest, which is dedicated to business owners in the wellness industry.

Image credit: Twitter @IamThomHunt

He spoke on the topic of "The Lost Art Of Being Human", and conversely, how he believes that the wellness industry has got it all wrong.

In his opinion, our cultural obsession with being happy is part the reason why we are currently experiencing a mental health epidemic and suicide rates are rising exponentially. He explains that the commonly held goal within society, which is "to be happy", is unrealistic and sets people up to fail.

"If happiness is the thin veneer we put on top of everything, no wonder it crumbles and falls and deteriorates when things don't go our way."

"So, what will sustain us through our suffering?"

His answer: "Meaning."

When people lead meaningful lives, the inevitable suffering that they experience is worthwhile.

He describes meaning as: "Walking the line between the perfect amount of chaos and order. It's the feeling that arises from real deep inside us and I want you to learn to use it as an indicator, as a signpost, telling you exactly which direction to go."

Hunt runs an outdoor experiences business, 7th Rise, giving people the opportunity immerse themselves in the wild. It allows for people to take a break from stressful city dwelling and technological dependency; to reconnect with a greater sense of purpose and above all to create more meaningful moments in their lives.

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