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This Is Why The Puffins On Skomer Island Are At Risk

This Is Why The Puffins On Skomer Island Are At Risk

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Wardens at Skomer Island, located just off the coast in south-west Wales, have warned people from venturing off the beaten track to access spots for Puffin photography. It has led to the unintentional destruction of nests, which are hidden within ground vegetation.

Rebecca Vincent, from the local Wildlife Trust, told the BBC: "We also get a huge number of photographers and film crews on the island who may pitch up in one spot for the entire day and think that puffins are posing for them, when in reality they're actually blocking off the entrance to their burrow, maybe even stopping them feeding their chicks."

People need to be aware that the population of these photogenic sea birds is dwindling, so they really need every bit of support they can get.

Obviously, visitors to Skomer Island are always welcome and bring valued tourism to the area, however mindfulness of the habitat should be observed at all times, especially in the case of those trudging off the path to get the best photo opportunity.

Credit: The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales

These beautiful Puffins are not the only wildlife you can hope to spot if you take a visit to Skomer Island. The Island is home to not only many other different spices of bird but also glorious wildflowers, insects and depending on the time of year that you visit, seals and their pups. You can even stay overnight to make the most of your trip.

A great deal of effort and care is put into the conservation of the wildlife on Skomer Island.

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