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Things You Know Now That You Wish You Knew Then.

Things You Know Now That You Wish You Knew Then.

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Gazing back into the past, there are many things we wish could tell our younger, more naive selves that might have made our walk a little happier, more successful and more aware. Although you should never have regrets about what has been, indeed, it has shaped the wonderful person you are today, there's no harm in reminding your present self things that your past self didn't realize or know to do. 💡

1. Take pictures, lots of them.

Taking photos is so important as it may be the only memory that you have left of something or someone. Before you know it, that incredible time/experience you had with someone is gone in a flash and that picture you took might be the only thing you have to remember the occasion by.

2. Nothing worth having comes easily.

You wouldn't appreciate it that much if it was easy. In life, the things you work hard towards, are the things you treasure most of all.

3. That break-up that desperately hurt you? You won’t remember in a month.

That individual that broke you heart into little tiny pieced. "The One" you said you could never live without or would never get over, is someone that never truly mattered. Soon enough you'll realise this and never shed another tear over them again.

4. Your parents were actually right.

No-one likes getting bossed around by mum and dad, but they were actually right. They hit the nail on the head about that friend that they believed to be a bad influence, and knew best that you eventually wouldn't like that guy you were dating. You may not have liked their advice at the time but now you know that it came from a place of maturity and wisdom.

5. Family is first.

The time you ditched dinner with your mum for your friends actually hurt her. And you know what? While those friends you went out with aren't around for you anymore, your mum is right by your side.

6. If someone doesn’t like you, it doesn't matter

Many people in your life will come and go. That's why you shouldn't dwell on the opinion's of people that couldn't care less about you.

7. Life changes and so do you.

Life is akin to throwing curve-balls. You can set a straight path and then something can take place that turns your life totally upside-down. Life can fluctuate in the blink of an eye, as can you.

8. Time flies.

Time doesn't wait for anyone, so enjoy it.

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