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The Yellow Food Effect

The Yellow Food Effect

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Yellow food makes you happy. This was the result of findings from a study into the psychological effect that the colour of food has on your mood. Apparently, yellow cuisine increases our endorphin levels more than food of any other colour.

So, when you're filling up your plate with the colours of the rainbow and want a bit of the feel good factor, spare a little extra room for the sunshine food.

Sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli dip

Sweetcorn fritters dipped in sweet chilli dip are quite literally finger licking good and will certainly put a smile on everyone's face.

Mac & cheese with mushrooms

Well, we already knew that macaroni cheese made us feel good but we're happy that science has now verified this as fact. Also, mushrooms make a wonderful accompaniment to this much loved dish.

Banana ice cream

Banana ice cream is an underrated scoop choice, but it really is delicious and worth trying next time you're staring at the menu at your local ice cream parlour. Go bananas, why not?

Lemon cheesecake

Ah, the citrusy taste of bitter lemon meets the creamy smoothness of the cheese cake mix. Add to that the scrummy biscuity base and you have yourself a little piece of heaven on your fork.

Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon bits

Mornings are better with scrambled eggs. It's scientifically proven. No, it's not actually but we all know that this plate of sunshine goodness is a sure fire way to put nutrition in the belly and a smile on the face.

Mango & vanilla macaroons

The most magical sweet treat that ever did exist. Macaroons make you feel happy anyway, so you can imagine how happy you would feel eating these little morsels of joy.

Yellow courgettes

Courgettes are among the most versatile and delicious, not to mention easy to grow, vegetables available. And, when you thought it couldn't get any better, they come in yellow too!

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