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The Winter Cold Survival Kit
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The Winter Cold Survival Kit

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The winter months are plagued by viruses; spreading from person to person in a silent, invisible almost sinister manner. Once contracted the virus can express it's true nature; red eyes, loud coughing and mucus filled.

It's not pretty, but the worst bit is how it makes us feel, both physically and emotionally. In parasitic fashion it saps us of our energy and makes our days and nights a struggle for what can be weeks on end; until eventually it loses it's grip and disappears in a silent, invisible almost sinister manner.

Although the onslaught of the common cold may seem inevitable, there are defences at your disposal should you choose to fight. Here's what a medical professional has to say on the matter, take it away Doctor Mike:

Think of your body's immune system like an army and you're the commander-in-chief. Then think of ways that you can help your little warriors on the battle field against viruses and infections taking place internally.

Supply them with adequate ammunition, in the form of things known for their antibacterial properties and exercise. Actively try to increase the number of white blood cells by nourishing your body and avoiding substances that weaken, or even kill them.

Here are some tried and true ways for effectively keeping illnesses at bay, so that you may enjoy the wonderful winter season in full health.

Vicks First Defence

Image credit: Vicks First Defence, available at Boots £6.55

This innovative and extremely effective means of eliminating a cold from where it first takes hold is pure genius. At the first signs that a virus is bedding in, which in the case of colds will invariably take place at the top of the nasal passage, you pump some of this nasal spray up your nostril and the gel like substance full of antibacterial properties traps the virus; helping to kill it and physically flush it away. If you've ever used it you will vouch for the fact that your cold symptoms are massively reduced, if not completely eradicated. An absolute god send of a product that should be a staple in all medicine cabinets.

Hand Sanitiser

While the overuse of anti bac products has been blamed for killing off good bacteria and weakening our immune systems, keeping your hands free of viruses will greatly reduce the chance of infecting yourself and others.

Apple cider vinegar & honey

The effectiveness of this tonic should not be underestimated. It is medical grade efficient at destroying cold viruses, or significantly reinforcing the immune system when used as a preventative measure.

The best way to take it is to pour some recently boiled (not boiling) water on to a teaspoon of honey in a glass, then add a dash of cold water and top up with quality apple cider vinegar; with the mother, raw and as locally sourced as possible.

My personal favourite is this Willy's Organic variety from Holland & Barrett, which can be purchased using the link in the image below.

Image credit: Holland & Barrett, Willy's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother 1L, £10.99

The thing most likely to prevent you taking this on a daily basis is the wholly unpleasant acidic taste and I won't lie it's pretty disgusting. BUT it works.

Eucalyptus oil

Another potent offering from natures pantry, eucalyptus oil has powerful antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, which can be utilised to target many of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Inhalation is the most effective way of easing respiratory issues, whilst also enjoying the mind clarifying effects. Why not invest in an essential oil diffuser and cleanse your home with eucalyptus essence.

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