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The Olympian Tackling Body Image

The Olympian Tackling Body Image

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Hilary Knight
Hilary Knight, courtesy of the BBC
Whilst having her sights set upon getting gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics for the US women's hockey team, Knight wants to simultaneously leave a positive message for girls following in her footsteps.

"The Olympics are so much bigger than just our team", she told the BBC, "it's our country, it's everyone who's helped us get to that place, it's all the young girls that are coming up and want to be just like us.

Knight has been striving to take on the issue of body image.

"I had this ah-ha moment that it's great just to play hockey and be a great player, but what kind of legacy are you leaving? For the body image, everyone comes in different shapes, different sizes, different weights. As long as you feel comfortable in your body, and you're living a healthy and active lifestyle. It took me years to figure out that I need to own it, I just need to be happy and comfortable with my skin, because my body is my body. The world is craving for strong and powerful women. We're strong competitors and it's a fight to be a part of this team. Now we're just waiting for the gold medal."

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