Super Blue Blood Moon Over Stonehenge
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The Morning After the Super Blue Blood Moon

The Morning After the Super Blue Blood Moon

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The Morning After the Super Blue Blood Moon - 31st Jan 2018

I woke up after seeing the spectacular super blue blood moon, to a sunny crisp morning in the UK. I couldn't help but get a feeling of positivity.

"January has passed" 

"February is here" 

"Winter is coming to an end"

I said all of these things to myself whilst out on an early morning walk with my dogs. 

Then I felt it, the wonderful feeling that Spring is just round the corner, its a hard feeling to explain but its great. It's like waking up after a good nights sleep and getting ready for the day although in February's case its getting ready for Spring and Summer and all the joys the seasons bring. 

At the start of the walk you could feel the fresh almost new sun beating down across the land, lighting up the sky and generally putting a smile on my face. 


Then there were more signs of Spring happening, for me is the biggest sign of spring.

Buried under the old leaves, ivy and brambles are the first shoots of this years bluebells, one of the most iconic spring flowers and for me signalling the start of something special. Knowing that in a short space of time the UK countryside will burst into life with vibrant colours and the hope of a positive 2018.    


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