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The Iceland Advert

The Iceland Advert

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The chances are that you've seen, or at least heard about, Iceland's Christmas advert; banned for being too 'political'. The politics in question concern the irreversible damage being caused to the environment and certain species, as a result of intensive palm oil production.

One of the habitats being destroyed is that of the orangutan's, which live in the rainforests of Borneo. With current practices, it is estimated that a shocking 25 orangutans are killed every day.

The childlike innocence evoked within the playful animation is perfectly offset with the dark, barbaric practices of deforestation; as seen through the eyes of little Rang-tan.

The refreshing up-shot of the advert having been banned from TV, is the tremendous support it subsequently received via social media. This is a positive aspect of modernisation that provides hope that change can happen.

Recently, there have been some major breakthroughs in creating widespread awareness regarding the environment. Take single-use plastic, for example. Yes, it can feel like too little too late; however, at least more people are now thinking about and discussing the impact we are having on the environment, and how as individuals we can make a difference on a daily basis with the choices we make. It doesn't take much to check a label and find alternatives for the products that are ruthlessly killing and destroying the planet purely for profit.

The widespread recognition and impassioned response that this advert has garnered in such a small space of time, is testimony to the fact that people do care. And when increasing numbers stop buying from unethical brands; then they are forced to change their habits and become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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