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The Health Benefits Of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser
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The Health Benefits Of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils are potent oils derived from plant sources. They are used for their health giving properties in aromatherapy practice and can be applied topically using a carrier oil, or diffused in into the air and inhaled. This latter method has become increasingly popular in recent times with the growing availability of smoke free oil diffusers. They come in various shapes and sizes and costs to match.

The ultrasonic type sits at the lower end of the price spectrum and is effective at dispersing aroma into the air without the use of heat, which can alter the chemical properties of the oil. However, nebulizing oil diffusers use pressure to atomise the essential oil, without diluting it, ensuring it retains its purest form. As demonstrated in the example product below, the price is reflective of this.

Image credit: Amazon, Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser, £75

Whichever product you choose, the use of essential oils in the home is always beneficial and can provide a whole host of health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to start filling your living spaces with the natural scent of plant essences.

Essential oils have been used since time immemorial and are used in the practice of aromatherapy, which can bring about powerful health benefits.

There are approximately 100 commonly used essential oils all boasting various different properties; from respiratory aids to muscle relaxants. It's worth doing your research on where to find quality products and how to choose oils that will be able to give you the desired effect.


The aroma of essential oils directly impacts your emotional state and can dramatically alter your mood. This is because smell is a powerful sense and connected to the area of the brain where feelings and other messages to do with wellbeing are transmitted around the body. For example, a deep inhalation of lemon oil can stop you feeling nauseous, while peppermint oil will bring about immediate alertness. Use this knowledge to set the mood gauge in your own home.


Most of us require more relaxation in our lives with heightened cortisol levels an unfortunate symptom of the modern lifestyle. Using an essential oil diffuser with carefully selected oils that are known for their soothing properties is an easy and effective way of reducing stress levels in the home. Lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot are commonly used to calm the nervous system, however there are many others so have fun experimenting and enjoying different aromas.


Because of the way that the essential oils are being diffused into the air of your home, certain oils with antibacterial properties will kill airborne microbes and viruses. This cleansing of the air promotes a more healthy, less toxic atmosphere and reduces the spread of illnesses. The best thing about using essential oils to cleanse the home is that they are

Immune system

Diffusing essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties into your breathing space limits your chance of contracting illnesses, as you are inhaling tiny particles of the oil and therefore absorbing the health benefits. A good example of this is eucalyptus oil which is a powerful remedy for respiratory infections, such as congestion and coughing. Try a combination of this and cypress oil in the bedroom before you hunker down during the winter months to bolster your immune system.


Sleep is so integral to our wellbeing that anything that improves our nightly experience should be upheld. Essential oil diffusers are a method that can be easily incorporated into your daily bedtime routine to increase the depth and quality of your sleep, the benefits of which cannot be underestimated. The best oils for succumbing to restful slumber are valerian root, chamomile and cedar wood.

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