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The Hand That Holds The Pen: Keira Knightley As 'Colette'

The Hand That Holds The Pen: Keira Knightley As 'Colette'

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So, it looks as though Keira Knightely has done it again. Featured in a film that will pick you up and twirl you around, before dumping you down feeling dizzy and exhilarated.

The film, Colette, which isn't due out in the UK until January 2019, but comes out in the US on September 21, is inspired by true events surrounding the esteemed French author, Gabrielle Sidonie Colette. The plot follows Colette's move to Paris after she marries an older Parisian man, known as Willy.

Willy, being something of a literary entrepreneur coerces her into writing under his name and in doing so her novel, Claudine at School, becomes a huge success. It is enjoyed primarily by young women who are inspired by a female literary voice, which is unprecedented for the time.

Eventually, Colette is stirred into action and challenges her husband's control over authorship of the book. This, along with a steamy affair and lots of empowering material for the female sex, means that the film looks certain to tick all the right boxes when we do eventually get to see it next year.

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