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The Greatest Swimming, Running and Fitness Trackers

The Greatest Swimming, Running and Fitness Trackers

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Whether you are seeing if you can heighten your physical fitness, burn a load more calories or increase your daily amount of steps, fitness apps are excellent in supporting you to get on the move. Here at Atmo we've have endlessly browsed through fitness apps upon fitness apps to wean out the créme de la créme of them all. These will have a basis on design, update frequency, usability, user ratings and their ability to push you into action!



RunKeeper keeps track of your runs, walks, as well as any other physical activity. Regardless of whether you are a chilled out jogger or a competitive 10K runner, this GPS app has attracted a whopping community of 50 million users, from individuals that can't run 200m without getting out of breath to professional athletes. It allows you to save, build, and learn new routes with your GPS to help you to stay stimulated throughout your workout.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Perhaps one of the most highly recommended yoga apps, Yoga Studio has over 70 ready-made meditation and yoga classes with levels that range from beginner to advanced, lasting from 15 to 60 minutes. Whether you're a busy executive or someone that has plenty of spare time, this fitness prompter can be inserted into any kind of lifestyle.



A simple workout app that can be customised quite easily, Sworkit is ranked at number 1 by the American College of Sports Medicine for exercise quality. The app has provided more than 40 million workouts to people of every fitness level.

Couch to 5K 

couch to 5k

This app supports you in moving from major couch potato to running a whopping 5K in a matter of 9 weeks through following their fun and simplistic training schedule. Designed for total beginners, the app gets you to spend around 20-30 minutes working out, a few times a week, to become ready to take on that scary first 5K.

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