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The Goth-Glam Fantasy: Kat Von D's Red Wedding Dress

The Goth-Glam Fantasy: Kat Von D's Red Wedding Dress

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Kat Von D and Leafar Seyer had already been married officially, though the pair have just thrown a wedding ceremony that was as wonderfully gothic as we had foreseen

We’re pleased for you, Harry and eghan, though there’s an additional celebrity wedding that we're looking at : the wedding ceremony of Kat Von D and Leafar. Tattoo artist, make-up guru and mother-to-be has gotten married to the Prayers front-man in a small ceremony way back in February (they'd even gotten matching his-and-hers manicures throughout their nuptials). Nevertheless, the world was in need of an unconventional, stylish wedding that shakes up ideological boundaries.

Leafar and Kat establish themselves as being great soulmates and reciprocal muses, since both frequently pronounce their love for one another via their media accounts. Kat exposed herself in a music video for Leafar's band, and he made an appearance in one of her campaigns for makeup.

The couple even produced a customized black and gold lipstick together, that'll be a noteworthy present to the guests at their wedding. In all likelihood, the greatest news for them both is that they are anticipating a baby boy, of whom the couple plan to raise as a vegan.

1. In her red dress, Kat was a goth-glam dream.

The evening prior to the big day, Kat posted the sweetest message about how much she took pleasure in the planning of their wedding.

Such a beautifully emotional day today. Tomorrow, @prayers and I will have our wedding ceremony for our close friends + family. This has been the sweetest, most stress-free experience where we continuosly fell in love with each other all over again with each day counting down. This is a photo of 3 carnations that our dear friends @majestyblack brought us tonight after our rehearsal and soundcheck. Red carnations are @prayers favourite flower, and the 3 represent him, me, and our sweet baby boy we are adding to our family. All I can say right now is that i am so grateful for my dear friends, and for my sweet husband. ❤️ Lastly, thank you all for all the love and for understanding that starting tomorrow we will most likely be stepping away from our phones for a while to be as present as possible on such a beautiful day. X
A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

Leafar posted a similar photo on his Instagram Story on the day of their ceremony.

Kat and Leafar plan to be “Juntos en vida y en muerte.” (United in life and in death.)

Leafar and Kat’s custom lipstick.

It’s a boy.🖤 @prayers
A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

On his face, Leafar had Kat’s full name tattooed, in case you questioned the seriousness of his vows.
We’re also guessing that this design is Kat’s wedding dress. It's stunning.

8 more days until our wedding. ❤️ @prayers
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Leafar wore a Mariachi-inspired suit.

8 more days until our wedding. 🖤 @thekatvond
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Glimpsing at the dates for their diaries.

Testing out the vegan wedding cake.

Red velvet: the joyous couple in their garden.

Congratulations from Atmo to the happy couple - we're hope they're having the greatest honeymoon!

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