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The Future Of Fashion: Sustainable Clothing

The Future Of Fashion: Sustainable Clothing

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The heavily loaded term, eco-warriors, has become somewhat redundant in a world where anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence and any semblance of a conscious will realise that we all need to be making changes in our lives for the benefit of the environment.

One, often guiltily overlooked aspect of this is fashion. The, I recycle everything and get my coffee in a reusable cup, but still replace my entire wardrobe on the cheap each season type attitude, that we're all guilty of on some level, is starting to wear a little thin. Especially given the devastating impact that disposable fashion is having on people and the planet.

Enter Eco-friendly sustainable clothing brands, that are also fashionable! Piqued your interest? Yeah, it did ours too.

Lucy & Yak

'The Hadley' Organic Sweater in Blossom Pink £45.00

Oh my oh my, do we like a bit Lucy & Yak style. Gorgeous colours and funky designs that ooze coolness and comfort combined. Their ethos is just as awesome, with the aim to ensure that everyone involved in the production chain is happy and treated fairly. Wearing clothes has never felt and looked so good!


Chill Crew Neck Tee £19

How about clothes made in an "ethically accredited wind-powered factory"? A far and welcome cry from sweatshops in developing countries. Rapanui caters for those who are chill in their fashion sense, but not chill about being complicit in the destruction of our planet for the sake of what we wear. Rapanui we salute you!


Sowena Shirt £75

Fashion doesn't get much more down to earth than Finisterre. "Born from the needs of hardy British sufers", Finisterre's story began on the craggy coastline of Cornwall and they remain true to their origins and to their three commitments; product, environment, people. Simple, understated and 100% sustainable.

People Tree

Keeley Orange Floral Dress £75

This beautiful, bright and delightfully simplistic dress had us hoovering over the 'add to bag' button. In fact, most of the clothing produced ethically and organically by People Tree had us oohing at how beautiful it is. Go and see for yourself and feel the warm sense of satisfaction that comes from supporting positive change.

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